Male Yeast Infection Treatment

male yeast infection treatmentWe are all aware that females are prone to getting yeast infections, but what about the male, can they too get yeast infections? Unfortunately the answer is a definite yes, after all it is a fungus, and we all can get fungus. Fungal infections are referred to as mycosis in the medical world, though to us they are merely fungal infections. For instance if you’ve ever had a case of athlete’s foot, that was caused by a fungal infection. Most men have had at least one case of jock itch. This too is caused by fungus, and most people are totally unaware that even ringworm is actually a fungal infection.

How It Happens

Granted if your female sexual partner has a yeast infection, there is an off chance that you too can get a male yeast infection, however documentation on that is somewhat rare. Keep in mind though that it can happen. Thus, the way that it is transmitted may be as follows:

  1. Unprotected sex with a female who also has a yeast infection
  2. Male having a compromised immune system that may be caused by:
  • The male has AIDS
  • The male has been on a lengthy course of antibiotics for a medical reason other than this infection. Unfortunately the antibiotics have killed off the “good” bacteria found in the urinary canal, and now other bacteria have taken over. What happens is the normal balance of the standard microorganisms becomes out of balance
  • The male may be a diabetic, which is the most common reason for a male to contract a male yeast infection. Diabetics create sugar, which spills over into their urine. Said sugar is a tremendous meal for yeast, thus a diabetic male may have a succession of such infections due to having uncontrolled sugars.
  • The male has cancer or is under treatments for cancer via chemotherapy which also compromises the immune system
  • The male is a transplant recipient and thus may have a compromised immune system
  • The male has mononucleosis
  • The male may be on prescribed or non-prescribed steroids
  • The male may drink a lot of alcohol or beer and may be sexually disfunctioning

treatment for male yeast infectionWhat Are The Male Yeast Infection Symptoms ?

The symptoms and signs of a male yeast infection are actually quite unpleasant, may be referred to as balanitis, which means that you have an inflammation of your glans penis. It is referred to as balanoposthitis if you have swelling going on as well on your foreskin, and would be evidenced by any or all of the following:

  • A reddish rash along the opening of the penis
  • Burning on the tip of your penis, which can cause tremendous irritation and soreness
  • Itching on the tip of your penis, which also may cause tremendous irritation and soreness
  • A discharge of what is described as clumpy and/or whitish or whitish gray in color
  • Intense scratching can and will cause blisters on the head of the penis as well
  • Foreskin rash, itching and burning may also occur
  • Extreme pain may be felt upon getting an erection if the opening area of the penis is suffering from cracked skin

Although the symptoms are actually quite common and can easily lead to a diagnosis, there are some males who actually have a genital yeast infection, but luckily enough may well show absolutely no symptoms. If however, you find that you are experiencing a tremendous amount of female yeast infections in your regular female partner, there is a chance that you are the cause, and you are reinfecting her each time you have unprotected sex.

Male Yeast Infection Treatment

Often the male is told to use the same treatment as the female, and that is an over the counter medication by the name of a vaginal cream known as Monistat. Chances are that your female partner will be very knowledgeable about this treatment. The topical unguent comes in a small tube and you should release enough to cover the head of your penis, as well as introduce a microscopic amount in the penile opening. Chances are that this will take care of the problem rather quickly, and it will ease the burning and itching almost immediately. The discharge may take a bit longer to stop.

Male Yeast Infection Cure

Should the Monistat not work, your next best bet is to see a Doctor, as the possibility of the need for antimycotics is possible. These are antifungal drugs. At this point the treatment for male yeast infection is for the Doctor to probably prescribe one of the following prescriptions:

  • Diflucan whose generic name is fluconazole is primarily prescribed. Actually this medicine is often utilized for a broad spectrum, of fungi. Therefore if you have other fungi, it will also negate those. Bear in mind that you need to read the paperwork carefully, as it is not uncommon for some to suffer allergies to this prescription medicine. On the positive side, it usually only needs to be administered once, via a pill.
  • Nizoral whose generic name is ketaconazole is apparently prescribed if the Diflucan does not work. This is truly a very broad-spectrum medicine and needs to be utilized with extreme caution.

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